Friday, 1 December 2017

How to ensure the best ROI through IT automation

IT automation has proved itself to be tremendously beneficial for the organisations, irrespective of size, shape and niche industry. Still there are many decision makers, who fail to understand and make use of this amazing technology. They fail to recognise what the technology can do for their company. In order to explain the importance of automation for business growth and how it can be used to maximize ROI, here are some tips to improving automation ROI.
  • Assessment of requirements and possible benefits – The key purpose for incorporating automation into a business is to deliver utmost efficiency, in terms of workload, people, consistency, time and output. For basic automations, the benefits usually come in the form of savings and time. But with more complex automations, you can expect a lot more. Such automations practically replace human intervention across the company so it yields better and broader benefits. So before choosing any, you must evaluate all the processes that involve great deal of time taken by labor-intensive activities and the frequency through which the activities take place. This would help you understand the benefits of automation and calculate its realization after implementation. Apart from effort reduction, you should also calculate and compare other important factors that can be otherwise improved with automation. Such factors may include error rate, mean-time-to-resolve of MTTR, process compliance and so on.
  • Integration of the processes – The motto of automation is to replicate and replace repetition of human tasks. To get the most from automation, you must understand where it fits perfectly, its potential effect before and after implementation, triggers on which it may execute and lots more. Understanding the entire process by being clear about such issues would help you apply automation in your company more broadly. Any task is only a step in the whole process. And by assessing the process, a succession of automation may be defined and chained together into a single process.
  • Testing – Once automation is properly defined and integrated into the current processes, you must check its performance in different circumstances, assess the outcomes and confirm the success. Many companies prefer to do this is a phased approach while releasing automation into development system and eventually into production. This may kill your precious time, but even then you must follow this step to ensure success and efficiency of automation.
  • Realization of benefits – After automation has been implemented in your company, you must evaluate its real-time performance and validate delivery of the previously mentioned efficiencies. Besides, it is also important to constantly measure and assess automation. By reviewing the execution log regularly, you can ensure a process of constant development, improvement and refinement of the process. Also, you should check reduction in time, improvement is resolution of issues and other benefits. 
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