Monday, 10 July 2017

What to Take Care of While Choosing an Animation Course

Animation movies such as Minions have made a firm place in everyone’s heart. You can talk about Bahubali as well. You know how it made ripples in the Indian film industry and earned in millions.. Considering the gigantic undulation and the huge revenues they’ve generated, creative students, nowadays, are getting inclined to animation courses in their cities/towns. For example, a student from Kolkata will look for an animation institute in Kolkata. They want to be a part of such groundbreaking events. But with a number of private institutions and animation colleges mushrooming almost in every nook and corner of the metros as well as towns offering several different courses on animation, students get befuddled about which course to join.
These academic organizations usually offer career courses or job-oriented courses, but many times they fail to face the reality. Doing a 3 or 5 years of animation course hardly guarantees a lucrative job offer. Utmost professional VFX and animation studios both at national and international levels look for real talents, who besides having specialized degree have outstanding technical skill.


Animation courses – A small outlook

If you are in search of a domain-specific job such as Roto Artist, Video Editing, Flash Animator or Paint Artist, you can opt for a short-term course or VFX course. Benefits of such crush courses are really notable - besides being short, they are job-specific and can place the students in the suitable niche within a shorter time span than that of conventional long-drawn animation courses. There are many noteworthy and distinguished film and animation personnel who don’t have interest in hiring people with bunch of certificates; rather they want to hire real skills.


Tips to choosing right animation course

Here are some useful tips for the students looking for domain-specific jobs in the field of animation and VFX.
  • Specialization – Many leading animation schools offer short-term courses on multimedia topics such as post production, editing, rotomation etc. Before you make any decision, ask the course adviser clearly about the curriculum. Also check if there is any specialization available with that course.
  • Learning materials – Animation institutes mostly offer self-published books and other learning materials as an integrated part of the course. Make sure you check the quality of those materials before getting admission.
  • Duration – There is no specific limit in terms of course duration – they may range from only a month to several years. So before you proceed, ask yourself how much time you can afford in order to complete the course.
  • Fees – Fees of the courses depend mostly on the institute’s technical resources, infrastructure, faculties and placement tie-ups. So it’s recommended to perform a thorough research, get quotes for the particular course you want to continue from at least 2 to 3 institutes and compare accordingly. You should always ask for if there is any discount for your proffered course. 
  • Placement – This is perhaps the most crucial part of your homework. You must be aware of what type of placement they offer. Top-notch animation institutes of India usually provide placement assistance with every course as a complementary feature.
So before making admission decision, it’s highly suggested that you go through the pointers and make your decision worthwhile.

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